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Effects of Viagra on Society

Viagra has increasingly become part of the American lifestyle that includes longing for an easy fix, sexual prowess and eternal youth. However, the effect on society seems to have dissipated with the initial excitement fading with time.

Despite being a wonder drug, the market for Viagra has stopped growing in the United States. There has been a general decline in the number of prescriptions for the drug. This is an interesting occurrence despite a generally aging population. It would mean that there are more men that require the drug. However, the drop in use of Viagra could be because of insurance payments or its lack of effectiveness.

It has been revealed by doctors that up to half the number of men that that are given a first description do not end up refilling it. It may have more of a psychological impact in that men could have it but not use or need it.

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Viagra has been used as a panacea for men that have not come to terms with other aspects of their lives that are not going well. However, increased blood flow offers limited solutions. There are other problems that may result in the drop in a man’s sex drive. These may be emotional. In such cases Viagra may not be of any help in sexual activity. Conversely, there has not been a population boom as a result of the use of Viagra as was predicted.

Levels of fatherhood have not risen as expected. In fact, those bearing children over the age of 55 years have gradually declined. Even for the elderly, there are men that prefer to adjust to their circumstances without the need or use of Viagra. Many of the elderly are more expectant of sexual activity because of Viagra and this has resulted on more concerns regarding if it is possible to have sex.

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For most elderly couples, companionship is of more value than sex. As such, sexual activity takes a back seat and is not of any importance as the partners in the relationship are not compelled to have sex.

Viagra has varied effects on society. The impact of this blue pill has not been what many experts anticipated. However, it had helped those in need. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are able to engage in sexual activity for as long as they like and are guaranteed satisfaction all the time.

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